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That’s right. For the next 72 hours Kevin O’Shaughnessy is offering the Deluxe Digital Package for only $9.95. That’s nearly 25% off! If you order within the next 72 hours you’ll recieve and mp3 copy of the album, a WAV copy or the album, all of the lyrics and liner notes, and a digital copy or the original 8×10 publicity photo. In addition, you’ll receive, right to your inbox, the stories behind what made these songs and more. But when the counter hits zero, this order will be gone for good.

Click Here to Download the “Persistence of Vision” Deluxe Digital Package Now!

Persistence of Vision is Kevin O’Shaughnessy’s first solo release. “When I started work on what would become the title track, the concept of ‘persistence of vision’ stuck in my head. The real meaning of it has to do with the brain’s ability to hang on to one image while it waits for the next, which is why movies and animation look the way they do. But in this case, I was feeling it as more of a nagging impulse to return to a vision I’d had since I was a kid–to write and produce my own songs. And as these songs began to take shape I started seeing the thread of sometimes hanging on to ideas that simply aren’t true, especially in terms of our relationships.”

The virtuosic opening instrumental, “Brace Yourself”, immediately hits the listener with the sheer drama of the album to follow. Two other instrumentals along with songs of love, loss, and determination, provide the perfect introduction to this talented singer/songwriter and guitarist. Throughout the album, his influences–including Joe Satriani, Bon Jovi, and Metallica, to name a few–are worn proudly on his sleeve. It’s heavy, funky, beautiful, indie music.

The “Persistence of Vision” Deluxe Digital Package includes mp3 and WAV versions, lyric sheets, liner notes, and original artwork. Plus, you’ll automatically be added to the email list where you’ll recieve updates on future projects, merchandise deals and more!