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Kevin has been a natural entertainer from the time he was old enough to hold a microphone. And after discovering Metal in the early 80’s, music became more than entertainment for Kevin–it was a passion and a way of being. 

The showmanship and the “come party with us” mentality of 80’s Pop Metal bands served as initial inspiration, which led him to early Thrash, and guitar virtuosos. Music school followed along with hands-on production experience.

“I never wanted to be at the mercy of anyone,” Kevin recalls. “I wanted to learn everything I could so that if I had an idea, no one could tell me it couldn’t be done.”

That determination has taken his career in directions he never imagined when he was younger. “I’ve played hundreds of shows, created scores for film, documentaries, and theatre, and performed on nearly a thousand recordings. I’ve also produced hundreds of songs for aspiring songwriters and bands. Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been.”

His self-produced debut album, Persistence of Vision (2015) is a return to his roots–a combination of the music that influenced him in his youth with heart-felt lyrics of determination, loss, and love. Fans have called it, “Amazing!” and “Bad-ass!”

Always one to stretch himself, O’Shaughnessy is currently working on new music, which will combine his signature guitar and vocal work with film music textures of synths and strings. It promises to be an exciting entry in the catalog of a gifted and talented artist. 

Photo by Lisa Giannetti